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 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:36 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:50 pm
Posts: 523
Location: UK
Od Vratot Nadolu LPs should be here any day now.
Finally underway with completing the Snowblood 2xLP too.

new distro stuff:
Bastard Noise - A Culture Of Monsters LP [noise hardcore legends unleash hell]
Cellgraft - External Habitation Tape [blistering florida cybergrind, doing a 7" with us soon]
Citizens - Try Harder LP [ace scottish relentless and noisy post hardcore stuff]
Dave Phillips - ? CD [prolific noise artist does field recs and nihilism, ex fear of god]
The Death Of Her Money - You Are Loved CD [monolithic slabs of shoegaze doom]
Defeatist / Triac / ASRA - Split LP [three modern grind acts share a record]
Flatlands - s/t CDEP [final three tracker from emotional uk doomers]
Flatlands - Black Sluice CD [second album from emotional uk doomers]
Lickgoldensky - Demo 7" [oddball techy metal wizards give their demo an airing]
Low Threat Profile - Product Number Two LP [powerviolence supergroup unleash an album]
Lycanthropy - s/t LP [eastern europe knows how to make intense harsh fastcore]
No Comment - Downsided 7" [powerviolence hardcore classic right here]
No Comment - Common Senseless 7" [another pv hardcore classic right here]
Pig Heart Transplant - They Eat What We Eat 7" [more from iron lung bloke's noise project]
Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit 7" [think braid, cap'n jazz and jangly indie]
White Guilt - s/t LP [blown out nasty reverb drenched hardcore thrashy punk]
Zu - Remixes 7" [italian skronkcore legends get the james plotkin treatment]

 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:49 pm 

Joined: Wed Jun 20, 2007 9:34 am
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Location: Brisvegas, Australia
good news Kunal re: snowblood!

Brown Snake Kills Dog. A collaboration across an ocean. Real instruments and fake computers used in construction. brownsnakekillsdog at bandcamp dot com. Debut full length coming soon via cassette from Black Horizons and pro-CD from Witch Sermon.

 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:20 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:50 pm
Posts: 523
Location: UK

OD VRATOT NADOLU - Mercury CD/LP is out right now!

Totally blasting mutant hardcore from this Macedonian duo. Bass plus drums equals titanic riffing destruction!
Listen -
Watch -

New distro stuff:
Canadian Rifle - Facts 7" [raw, urgent rocking punk classic]
Closure / Mouth / Torn Apart / Bonestorm - Split 2x7" [four uk powerviolencers]
Contort - An Island Of Noise... Tape [ace irish crasher noiser punk hardcore]
Dazd - s/t CD/LP [inventive and weird magic crust from serbia]
Herds - Michigan 7" [tight, aggressive, noisy hardcore]
Merchandise - (Strange Songs) In The Dark LP [goth meets postpunk meets shoegaze]
Mondo Gecko - Discography Tape [israeli fastcore brilliance]
Od Vratot Nadolu - Mercury CD / LP [macedonian m.i.t.b. bass and drum riff action]
Ottawa - s/t LP [reissue of this grind meets hardcore stuff from detroit]
Sacred Shock - You're Not With Us LP [born against-esque hardcore from texas]
Sete Star Sept - Revision Of Noise CD/LP [japanese art grinding chaos]
SFN - Itching 7" [blasterific middle american powerviolence nightmares]
Various - Freak Power LP [iron lung, hatred surge, burmese, apt 213, brain dead + more]

 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:44 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:50 pm
Posts: 523
Location: UK
New distro stuff:
The Afternoon Gentlemen / OSK - Split 7" [total grind action, booze may be involved]
Ash Borer - 2009 Demo Tape [great flowing black metal stuff]
Atomck / Paucities - Split 7" [wales vs usa bizarro grindcore matchup]
The Blind / Heartless - Split 7" [hefty heavy hardcore from ireland and usa]
Closure - s/t 7" [new set of jams from brutal uk powerviolence mob]
Crowd Control - s/t LP [already a classic hardcore album, heavy and evil]
Hexis - s/t Tape [a face melting metallic whirlwind]
Kali / Ultimate Blowup - Split 7" [canada vs turkey on this thrashtacular split]
Kowloon Walled City - Turk Street 10" [sludging hardcore noise fest]
Kowloon Walled City - Gambling On The Richter Scale LP [sludging hardcore noise fest]
Lost Tapes From The Federal Sessions #1 Zine [super uk scene snapshot, with a tape]
The Men - Think 7" [stomping raw hardcore punk plus devo cover]
Nacht Und Nebel - Shapeless Tape [treated and twisted sounds all on cello]
Prison Chapel - Total Fucking War Tape [great new irish blown out hardcore mob]
Rot In Hell / Horders - Split 7" [evil metallic hardcore goodness here]
Sick-Fuckin-O / Torn Apart - Split 7" [two ripping uk thrashy hardcore beasts]
Veloz - s/t 7" [veloz means fast, a blazing d-beat frenzy]

 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:58 am 

Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:50 pm
Posts: 523
Location: UK
Some exciting label news for once!

The Snowblood - s/t 2xLP might actually be close to coming out! I have my fingers crossed that the guys doing the sleeves come through, meaning it'll be ready to order in a week or so.

The Pig Heart Transplant / The Endless Blockade split 7" is coming along nicely. Test pressings are on their way out to the bands for approval, and the artwork (by Feeding - is in the process of being completed. I expect that to be out end of May, perhaps.

Work is apace on the Drainland / Cellgraft split 7", but I believe songs still need to be sorted out and so on, so still a couple of months for that one. Incidentally, Drainland will have a CD out on Southern Lord soon that compiles their recent LP and 10" tracks on it.

New distro stuff:
Bonesaw / Lobotomized - Split 7" [two scottish grinders battle it out]
Cellgraft - Deception Schematic 7" [first wax for floridian cybergrinders]
Diocletian - War Of All Against All CD [2nd album, nz raw black death metal]
Get Rad - Choose Your Own Adventure 7" [thrashtacular thrash fun stuff]
The Guilt Of - s/t LP [ace noise project featuring singer of eyehategod]
Lotus Fucker / Penis Geyser - Split 7" [raw punk meets total noisecore]
Northless - Clandestine Abuse 2xLP [suffocating and dense sludgecore epics]
Portal - Swarth CD [third album of aussie murky death metal insanity]
Sete Star Sept / Satan - Split 7" [japan vs france, grinding metal noise]

 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:10 pm 
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Joined: Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:40 am
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Will there be any US distributors of the Snowblood 2xLP?

 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:45 am 

Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:50 pm
Posts: 523
Location: UK
There most definitely will, but there are STILL printing issues, plus I have my postgrad to get out the way (one week to go).
More news soon I promise, sorry once again for the delays.
Check out Ommadon in the meantime, two guys from Snowblood making crushing doom (

 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:25 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:50 pm
Posts: 523
Location: UK
Hi! I finished that course so now I'm back in action (kind of).

Here's what's up in the next month or so:

SNOWBLOOD 2xLP - The end is in sight for these esoteric doom legends' magnum opus. Still had issues with one of the colours on the sleeve, will have to see how that one is resolved. Apart from that, everything is ready to roll. Check out Ommadon while you're at it -

PIG HEART TRANSPLANT / THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE split 7" - Noisy powerviolence meets violent noise. Art still forthcoming but the records are all done, so not long for this one either. We did TEB's first record and here we are doing their last.

DRAINLAND / CELLGRAFT split 7" - Evil Irish hardcore battles Florida cybergrind. Art is done and looks nasty. Tests are on their way out for approval. Hear the CG songs at

And way after that:

TIDE OF IRON / GRACE split 7" - Newcastle produces the best bands. TOI are a power trio making blasting, chaotic riff worship. Grace are mega-tight, brutal but melodic hardcore punk. Ex-Jinn too, get that CD we did.

THE GOOD WIFE LP - not sure how many songs there will be, but it will be sleazy, perverted noise rock of the highest order. That's Southampton for you.

Buy some distro stuff so I can pay for the above:

The Austrasian Goat / Hollow Sunshine - Split LP
Backslider - s/t 7"
Backslider / Nimbus Terrifix - Split 7"
Caskets Open - But You Rule LP
Chino Horde - Everything 2xLP
Coke Bust - Degradation 7"
Conan / Slomatics - Split LP
Daitro - Vinyl Collected LP
Disciples Of Christ - s/t 7"
dot(.) / Su19b - Split CD
Extortion / Rupture - Split 5"
Extortion / Septic Surge - Split 7"
Hatred Surge - Deconstruct LP
Kill The Client / Thousandswilldie - Split 7"
Kursk / Lycanthropy - Split 7"
Love Potion - Intimacy 7"
Miasmal - s/t LP
Mind As Prison / Disciples Of Christ - Split 7"
No Balls - Less LP
Ommadon - II CDR
Ordination Of Aaron - Discography 2xLP
Protestant - The Hate, The Hollow LP
Pygmy Lush - Old Friends LP
Regurgitate / Skullhog - Split 7"
Rupture / Opposition Party - Split 7"
Salome - Terminal 2xLP
Salome - s/t LP
Sick-Fuckin-O - Sex Cells 7"
Stripmines - Sympathy Rations 7"
Thou - Peasant LP
Thou - Tyrant LP
UFO Gestapo - Grandemissair LP
UFO Gestapo - s/t LP
Wojczech - Pulsus Letalis LP

As always:

 Post subject: Re: SuperFi Records
PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:47 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:50 pm
Posts: 523
Location: UK
Snowblood's third untitled album is finally out on 2xLP after many delays I would rather not talk about!
The CD picked up rave reviews for its melancholic, melodic build-ups and massive hefty payoffs.


Listen to the first song off the LP here:
Artwork by Glyn Scrawled, it looks amazing on the gatefold.


The Drainland / Cellgraft split 7" is also out now! Irish dirgecore vs. Floridian DIY grind.

Image |

I'm already running low on these, but the bands will have copies as will the labels I co-released this with. (Netherlands) (USA)


Up next is the Pig Heart Transplant / The Endless Blockade split 7".
Records are done, but still waiting on the artwork to be finished so that it can be screenprinted. Hopefully it's only a matter of weeks away.


New distro stuff:
Dead Language - s/t LP
Diet Pills - s/t LP
Drainland / Grinding Halt - Split 10"
The Gentle Art Of Chokin' - s/t LP
Human Hands - s/t 7"
Hybris - Discography LP
Ont Road / Go Fuck Yourself - #16 / #2 Zine
Red Right Hand - They Sang And Chanted For Hours CD
Throat - Licked Inch Fur LP
Tide Of Iron - Sow CD
White Wards - Waste My Time 7"

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:55 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:50 pm
Posts: 523
Location: UK
New distro stuff:

Dead In The Woods / Diet Pills - Split LP [two hefty uk bands, stoner meets hardcore]
Death Trap - No Hicks 7" [recorded in the 80's, awesome kbd styled punk]
Endless Grinning Skulls - s/t LP [rollicking d-beat crust hardcore]
Ensorcelor - Crucifuge LP [two massive tracks of expansive, experimental metal]
Gas Chamber - s/t LP [killer powerviolence with a weird edge, think siege meets killing joke]
Gas Chamber - Corpse With Levity 7" [new release, see above]
HC Minds - The Beginning Of The End LP [slow apocalyptic doom from yob folk]
Lieutenant - s/t LP [buffalo thrashy punk steamroller from lemuria folk]
Nuclear Cult - Better Nightmares 7" [ex-y and solid decline, ace germanic punk rippers]
Running For Cover - Dark Well LP [underrated powerviolence gem, brutal but smart with it]
Sete Star Sept - Gero Me 10" [50 tracks crammed on this, total noisecore worship from japan]
Shadow Of The Torturer - Marching Into Chaos LP [pacific northwest ultra doom stuff]
Starve - Wasteland LP [netherlands sludge hardcore with real grit and density to it]
Various - Clone I LP [doom bands play hc; salome, austrasian goat, coffins, monarch + more]
Various - Clone II LP [doom bands play hc; moloch, loss, thou, hey colossus+ more]
Various - Clone III LP [doom bands play hc; fistula, whitehorse, su19b, crowskin + more]
Various - Buffalo Brutality 7" [a great place for pv; resist control, inerds, avulsion + more]
Whitehorse - Document 250407 LP [oz's answer to corrupted capture an awesome live show]
Whole In The Head - Them And Us 7" [ripping uk fast hardcore bordering on thrashy grind]

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